Kitcharoen Poolperm



InterlinkTelecom (Thailand)


October 2014 - Present

Responsible for developing and building application (ERP) and integration with SAP. Translate technical requirements, assist with all stages of test data, develop interface stubs and simulators and perform script maintenance and updates. Deploy new modules and upgrades and complete fixes within the production environment


  • Server maintenance and new server installation
  • Keeping a server software updated and running (ubuntu)
  • Customizing ERP system development from opensource (Zurmo, Odoo)
  • ERP integration: System Connection between opensource ERP and SAP
  • Creating custom modules (Quotation, SaleOrder, Procurement, WorkOrder, Inventory Management etc.)
  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development (ionic)

GroupTech (Thailand)

Outside Plant Engineer

July 2014 - October 2014

Responsible for fiber optic route engineering, pole line and underground route field documentation, construction permits, project tracking, as-built documentation and electronic records preparation in accordance with company policies, procedures and quality standards, while meeting customer delivery requirements.


  • Coordinate between customer and subcontractor for installation, commissioning and PAT until work finish completely
  • Monitor subcontractor to follow up installation standard.
  • Report progress and pending issue to project manager.
  • Control and monitor subcontractor for OFC route survey, installation drawing, as-builting.
  • PAT with subcontractor to ensure for BOQ and pending issue
  • Works with network planning, central office, transmission and operations personnel

Triple T Broadband (Thailand)

Senior Telecom O&M Engineer

February 2011 - July 2014

Developed the broadband network monitoring using Web Applications, Provide technical support to implementation teams


  • Commissioning support (DSLAM, MSAN 1431 nodes)
  • Developed the network monitoring web application (MySQL + PHP + Python + JavaScript) (Network equipment Temperature, Link Error and Network Utilization Monitoring)

TT&T (Thailand)

Telecom O&M Engineer

January 2003 - February 2011

Responsible for managing a team of personnel who perform planned and unplanned operations and maintenance (O&M) services to ensure that the client’s network is properly configured and that all approved changes to the approved baseline have been implemented, tested, and documented in accordance with approved procedures.


Implement and supervise the network equipment

  • Initiate or revise the implement plan and operation. Coordinate with both internal & external partners according to site and equipment preparation.
  • Site Preparation for support the new network equipment implementation
  • Network Transmissions Preparation Optical fiber core – Explore the optical route to support the equipment such as IP DSLAM , MetroNet . If the optic have the available cores then measured optical loss value for verify its could satisfier with their device, if not correct value into standard the support for device by splice to reduce loss. If not enough core optic must design new optic route for best cost and efficiency
  • Control and inspect the supplier installation site by site . By send the inspected teams coupled with supplier. If supplier met the problem during work or install the network equipment not follow specification acceptance. This teams will give the recommend information to supplier before patch and on-service the equipment. This will work finished punctual and make the win-win with the company & supply.
  • To Come together patched and pending with supplier

Installation the Broadband, DDN & PSTN Service

Provided the lease line circuit interconnect between the head office and the branch office, ATM EDC support to KBANK, KTB, BBL, SCB Provide and install the DTU and CISCO WIC card for backup circuit of KBANK Provide and install the transmission link to True Base station CP branch

  • Configured and Installed the IP-VPN router for support the Counter service and the inventory online system to 7-11 approximate 274 branch
  • Configured and Installed the CISCO router, Switch and dial modem backup to support PAY@POST for Thai POST 29 branch
  • Provided and installation the NTU or the IP-VPN router support Tsutaya, Se-Ed, counter service, Telewiz, BigC,
  • VoIP
  • IP­TV
  • Channelized E1 support Voice
  • ADSL service
  • Optical Fiber – Provide and splice the Optical fiber to the customer site

Corrective Maintenance

Identification or diagnosis of “trouble” in the telecom system caused by a failure of some kind. Talk to team members who work with the process directly, and get their opinions on where identification or diagnosis could be made.

Responsibilities of the job including: Alcatel switching network, NEC, AT&T transmission network, Huawei SDH network, Alcatel DWDM network, Huawei ATM, IP DSLAM network , Huawei MetroNet network , Alcatel Mainstreet Network , FOM , Enkein , PowerOne , Telcon Rectifier, Air-conditions , Battery, Generator


  • Huawei OptiX OSN 6800 WDM operation, maintenance and troubleshooting at Huawei university
  • Huawei Quidway S8300, S5600, S5300 NetEngine80E operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Huawei MSAN, DSLAM - operation and maintenance – IP & ATM DSLAM provide multi­service access modules that provide broadband access services such as ADSL2+, SHDSL, and LAN. This training provide the knowledge with respect to the hardware components of DSLAM, correct installation , acknowledge in technology that support with its. And could configuration DSLAM to provide service such as XDSL service , VLAN service , Multicast service.
  • Huawei TMG 8010 engineer training
  • ICND - Interconnecting Cisco Network Device
  • ADSL Service operation and troubleshooting – analyze cause of ADSL fault then correct it with best solution and time
  • Troubleshooting TCP/IP internetworking
  • Alcatel 1000E10 operation and maintenance – 100E10 is Alcatel Switching network
  • NGN (Next Generation Network) principle training
  • NGN Test Tool – Agilent
  • Alcatel Mainstreet 3600 configuration and troubleshooting
  • SmartEdge Router configuration and troubleshooting
  • Adtran TA3010 operation and troubleshooting
  • UPS, Battery, Inverter and Converter operation and troubleshooting


Thammasat University

BSc Electrical Engineering Major (Telecommunication)

1999 - 2003

Analyse a problem and apply research and creative thinking to the formulation of a solution; implement and verify the solution using state of the art tools and techniques